Age: 30's
Pronouns: She/Her
Occupation: VPA-In-Training
Secret Identity: Kitsune Witch
Locale: Midwest USA (For Now!)
Relationship Status: Very Taken
Fav. Food: Tofu Oyakodon
Fav. Author: Rebecca Thorne
Fav. Anime: Laid-Back Camp

Self-Proclaimed Hippiepunk Cozycore Otaku

Hey there~ ! I'm Briar, and I've been playing table-top RPGs for a little over two decades now, having started when I was in grade school.

My Games

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Other Interests: Anime, manga, video gaming, hiking, camping, traveling, shopping, food, cozy vibes, crafting, music (all kinds), road-tripping, writing, boho fashion, and cultural festivals.

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Currently Running Games

System: PokéYume

In the distant land of Valkeya, a realm of Knights and Queens, three brand new trainers, each from a very different walk of life, set out together on a brand new Pokémon adventure.With eyes set on a bright horizon, they embark to befriend new Pokémon, meet all sorts of interesting people, and uncover the mysterious secrets of the ancient past.But shadows are lurking at the edge of the light, waiting to plunge the whole of Valkeya into turmoil.The time is right. There's no better team! Their courage will pull them through! Battle! Adventure! Learn! Live! Catch 'em all!

System: Hearts of Wulin (PbtA)

Today, Kochan, a young shugenja of the Phoenix Clan's Isawa family is to have her gempukka--a rite of passage to adulthood celebrated far and wide by the Rokugan samurai clans. And already, the pressure is mounting. What will her life be like now that she is a woman? How will she navigate through these dissonant times in the Empire? What grand adventures await her on the road ahead?...yet even as she ponders these things, little does she know that not so far away, yet other plans are already in motion. Someone else has been long expecting this day, though not for the same reason...Two strings, plucked from different tapestries, woven together into a dance of fate. A tale of duty and secrets, love and sacrifice, plots and betrayals.

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The Game Shelf

System: ChiB

Set in the homebrew region of Valkeya, Sakura Alley Tales is a Ryuutama-inspired Pokémon role-playing game that follows the lives of entrepreneurs in White Garden City whose dream is to open a venue at in the historic, but now largely defunct, Sakura Alley shotengai. Together they'll face the trials and tribulations of trying to breathe new life into a forgotten locale, while simultaneously trying to make their ambitions a reality with good friends and their Pokémon companions at their side. A slice-of-life 'item shop' tale about friendship, following your dreams, and all the fun adventures to be had along the way.

Dungeon Masters

System: Undecided

Not so very long ago, there was a dungeon, ruled over by fearsome monsters who were granted power by an artifact known as the Dungeon Heart. One day, however, heroes stormed the dungeon and destroyed the Dungeon Heart. The monsters were reduced to lesser forms and fled, vowing vengeance. Now reduced to pint-sized forms, they have banded together once again to seek out the shards of the Dungeon Heart scattered across the land and restore their rightful glory.

Afterlife: Eternity's End

System: Ryuutama

The player(s) have died and gone to the afterlife, but the journey does not end there. In order to find peace and pass on, they must face themselves and all that they have done, else they will become lost souls, destined to haunt the land of the living as shades for all eternity.

A Leisurely Train Ride

System: Golden Sky Stories

A light-hearted journey inspired by the free mystery scenario "All Aboard for Murder", the players take on the personas of people who are traveling via train to distant locations. A slice-of-life 'game' about different people from all walks of life coming together to share a train ride.

Systems I Want to Try...

Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine
Golden Sky Stories / Twilight Tales
Stars Without Number
Worlds Without Number

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My Current Characters

Amelia Tespin

A budding young martial artist who attends an academy for adventurers, she is a functional mute, but that doesn't stop her from trying to follow in her adopted sisters' footsteps.

Game: Pokémon Dragonrealm (PTU)

Brianna Mont'Cleyn

A deadly, no-nonsense xenobiologist with a penchant for doing whatever it takes to forward her research. Always considered armed and dangerous.

Game: Test Flight (Traveller)

Characters (but not character art) are considered intellectual property to the site's owner. ChiB (c) 2023 to Briar Song. Website created with the Carrd platform.

Characters Looking for Homes

These are characters that I made for games that were either not chosen as part of the cast or the game died before it really even began. I would love to have the opportunity to play them again!

Abigail Ravencourt

A scholarly mage with a tumultuous history, Abigail keeps others at arms length, preferring to focus on things and tasks rather than people.

Tynaiv Xeigashi

Serene and regal, Tynaiv is the last in an ancient line of spirit wardens, guarding the boundry between the world of the living and the land of spirits.

Patchouli Lockheart

A kind, but lonely young girl who loves to help others, Patchouli has been cursed all her life with an unnatural aura that makes people scared to be around her.

My Retired Characters

Characters that I have played in the past that I really enjoyed. A little memory album of my favorite RP moments, you might say. I wouldn't be opposed to playing them, but they kind of have their own persona, so it would take a lot to fit them somewhere.

"Ajax" Newhart

A world-weary mech-pilot, now more machine than woman, Ajax is a mercenary who seeks fortune or death, whichever comes first.

Arcadia: Tracers of the Lost Cities (Homebrew)

Briar Rose

A newly retired pop-star who never got to experience a Pokemon adventure, she travels across the seas to explore a newly discovered island.

Pokémon Island Expedition (PTU)

Cassandra Do'Shae

A mysterious and enigmatic woman who appears throughout history at crucial moments, no one really knows where she came from...or what she wants.

Multiple (3.5, 5e, PF1e, PF2e, ect.)


The fabled guardian of Clutterholme, everything was just fine until the drow kicked her out of the Underdark for being obnoxious. Now she's ticked off.

Out of the Abyss (5e)

Franny Tespin

A fierce, electromagnetic martial arts master with a bad reputation and an even worse attitude, Franny only commits to something if its dangerous.

Multiple (5e, PF1e, SW5e)

Hildagarde Bellavogue

A clever and ingenious time jumper in search of an era lost to the fabrics of the multiverse, she takes on fate with a smile.

Game: Time Jumper (FATE)

Marioquetta Wonderheart

A mysterious woman who seems to appear when trouble brews, she is as graceful as a summer storm and as charming as a distant dream.

A Daring Rescue (5e)


Lauren never amounted to much, then suddenly gained the ability to create invisible barriers out of thin air. Now, she runs a deep web site for supers everywhere.

The Meta-Wars (Homebrew)

Molly Tespin

Two parts pirate, one part paladin, Molly is a rowdy, hard-headed, and incredibly complicated individual and the furthest from a knight in shining armor possible.

Multiple (3.5, 5e, PF1e, SW5e)

Persephone Grinstead

Unlike most tieflings, who reject or even abhor their heritage, Persephone embraces what she is, and revels in the fear she sews underfoot.

Multiple (PF1e)

Roschére Anviette

Secretly a retired pirate queen who quit the high seas after her children were born, she is possessed of both rapier proficiency, as well as rapier witt.

Lost Mines of Phandelver (5e)


Half-crazy is an understatement when it comes to this explosive young woman who wants nothing more than to see all that glitters blown to smithereens.

Pandora's Box (5e)

Yishka Kisagiri

A sweet young foreign girl who just wants to support her family in a strange land, she embarks on a Pokemon journey along with her Bounsweet, Sascha.

A Time To Grow: A Pokémon Table-Top Game (PTU)

Amelia Tespin

Game: Pokemon Dragonrealm (PTU)Age: 17, Pronouns: She/her, Level: 3
Height: 5'3'' (160cm), Weight: 112lbs (50kg)
Special Skills: Martial Arts, Guitarist, Functional Mute
Pokémon: Hope the Pichu

A first year at Lythia Academy, Amelia Tespin is a quiet young martial artist following in the footsteps of her older, more prominent sisters who adopted her at a young age. Her inability to speak makes life difficult for the teenager, who is already socially crippled due to having been sickly as a child and unable to leave the house, instilling in her with a deep anxiety over her shortcomings and mistakes. Not to mention that whenever she is near a wild Pokémon, it tends to be unnerved by her, making her unable to bond with them like other people.Now on the cusp of adulthood, Amelia enrolled in Lythia Academy in order to become stronger, just like her sisters, and earn the right to carry the Tespin name.Since joining the Academy, Amelia has slowly begun to make friends, particularly with her fellow class and suitemates, Fen Dell (morgantha) and Violet Gemwater (Homestarbaby), the latter of whom she is currently in a budding relationship with. She also has attempted to expand her horizons by joining several of the school's popular clubs, including the Music Club.To check out Amelia's adventures, visit our game thread on RPGX!

Yishka Kisagiri

Game: A Time To Grow (PTU)Age: 13, Pronouns: She/her, Level: 2
Height: 4'8'' (147cm), Weight: 113 lbs (54.2kg)
Special Skills: Cinnamon Roll, Outdoorswoman
Pokémon: Sascha the Bounsweet, Striker the Riolu, Nyena the Vulpix, Karma the Magikarp

A young girl from the far northern regions, Yishka grew up on the frontier as part of a homesteading family, where she enjoyed a difficult, but happy childhood up until civil war broke out and they were forced to flee. Yishka's family resettled in Unova, but found that the cultural boundaries difficult to deal with, prompting Yishka to accept a foreign exchange program in Veloria in hopes of providing for her ailing kin back in Unova.There, Yishka began her very own Pokémon adventure alongside Sascha, her Bounsweet, as well as a handful of other trainers looking to explore the realm.Immediately striking out on her own in search of her benefactor, Professor Rose, Yishka had several adventures along the way, even bumping into and defeating Team Rocket's schemes near Sakura Falls.Smart and capable despite her age, Yishka journey has only just begun, and she's well on her way to achieving her dream of helping her family start over in Unova, and make lots of new Pokemon friends along the way.

Trivia: Yishka makes a cameo appearance as a fictional character in a detective novel written by Amelia Tespin.

Sascha the Bounsweet

Yishka's first Pokemon companion in Veloria, Sascha is a happy-go-lucky Bounsweet who loves floating around her trainer's head by spinner her leaves in a helicopter fashion. She rarely leaves Yishka's shoulder and is always accompanied by the sweet smell of June flowers.

Pryde the Sandshrew

The first Pokémon Yishka caught on her own, Pryde is an independent, but loyal companion who sees himself as something of his trainer's personal body guard, often standing between her and danger. He is constantly at odds with the other Pokémon on Yishka's team, believing he is the best suited to protect her.

Striker the Riolu

A feisty little Riolu that Yishka and her friends met near Sakura Falls, Striker is confident, playful and snuggly, and took to his new trainer even before he was caught, at the same time earning the ire of his rival, Pryde. Striker is Yishka's strongest battling Pokémon and loves a good fight, almost as much as getting hugs from his trainer!

Karma the Magikarp

One of many Pokémon Yishka met while resting at Sakura Falls, Karma offered Yishka a mysterious pearl fossil as a gift, prompting the young trainer to take him in as her own despite his seeming inability to fight. Karma has a habit of somehow mysteriously popping out of his PokéBall to play in nearby puddles, though never strays too far away.

Nyena the Vulpix

A timid Vulpix who tends to almost be attached to Yishka's hip, Nyena was originally quite shy even towards her trainer. As their bond has grown, however, and as Nyena's mysterious powers awaken, the two of them have become closer than ever.

Brianna Mont'Cleyne (Old Version)

Age: 32, Pronouns: She/her, Ethnicity: Middle Eastern / Irish
Height: 5'4'' (162cm), Weight: 187 lbs (84 kg)
Special Skills: Encyclopedia Knowledge, Firearms Expert, Problem Solver, XenoarchaeologyPreferred Games: Something Sci-Fi (originally built for Savage Worlds, but I'm flexible)

Born in Vladivostok, Russia but raised on the Luna IX colony, Brianna graduated with the highest honors from one of the most prestigious scientific academies in the system, majoring in Xenoarchaeology along with two minors in Engineering and Computer sciences, but when she found a lab job to be dull, she took to field work instead working for a corporation called Datasoft.And for a time, it seemed like a match made in heaven. She had access to state of the art technology, an exemplary survey team, and enough funding to make the R&D department blush. But when it came to deciding what research was worth investing in, Brianna was on a tight leash.Thus, she turned to 'alternative methods' to obtain archaeological finds to study, and when she couldn't keep her secret any longer, she ran, taking as much equipment and funding as she could carry with her out the airlock, along with a decrepit old vessel that she had been secretly restoring to make her escape. She even managed to copy down one of Datasoft's secure information caches on her way out.Now she lives on the run, selling her old company's secrets--as well as whatever she can scavenge--in order to fund her next expedition, while keeping a weather eye on her back for the numerous individuals she's pissed off over the years--including Datasoft.An incredibly ambitious, no-nonsense scientist, Brianna believes in the idea that every advantage is worth the price. Though her taciturn approach to social situations rarely wins her any friends, her actions do, as does her long list of skills and expertise.Note: This character has an extensive write-up on a drive file, which I'll share if she piques interest.

Patchouli Lockheart

Age: 34, Pronouns: She/her, Level: ??
Height: 5'2'' (160cm), Weight: 119 lbs (54 kg)
Special Skills: Herbalism, Unnatural AuraPreferred Games: Ryuutama (Healer), 5e/PF (Druid)

An outcast who has lived the majority of her adult life moving from place to place, Patchouli, or sometimes known as Petra was born cursed with a mysterious aura that makes people feel uncomfortable around her, a fact that has haunted her steps for as long as she can remember.Petra ran away from a loving family in order to rid them of her curse, striking out on her own in her teenage years and taking up herbalism in order to support herself, as well as use her healing knowledge to try and bridge the gap of misunderstanding between herself and the people around her. This...failed miserably, and despite all the good she tries to do, she always eventually finds herself chased away by everyone she tries to help and being called a 'witch' ...or worse.A sweet, kind young woman whose only wish is to make others smile, she chooses to see the best in everyone, and hopes one day that she'll be able to find the one thing that has always eluded her: a friend who will stick by her, no matter what.